- Artwork for trees

Limited edition fine art giclee prints

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Meet the artist and founder

- a lifelong love for climate and creative expression!

Nicolai Randsøe has a lifelong passion for both artwork and for trees. So naturally he combines both in this exclusive high quality artwork and his neverending love for plants, seedlings and trees.
Nicolai has worked with art throughout his life, but his favorite drawing material is chalk on paper. Nicolai works with warm and saturated color tones and his motifs are often poetic and dreamy animals.

Nicolai grew up just north of Copenhagen.On weekends and holidays, Nicolai spent time in the family house in southern Sweden, where excursions in the wild provided the setting for a rich family life. Nicolai loves to draw and liked to spend large amounts of time expressing himself on paper throughout his childhood.
The excursions in the wild Swedish forests gave Nicolai a love of trees and animals and a strong urge to take care of nature.
In his childhood, Nicolai spent 12 years at Waldorf School, which is known for its teaching of music, arts and crafts.
After graduation, Nicolai was trained as a cabinetmaker and had his own carpentry and design company until he changed direction and trained as a Waldorf teacher.
Nicolai has been a class teacher, art teacher and craft teacher for 10 years.


Today he is an artist who seeks to create positive change for climate, plants, animals and people.
Today Nicolai lives just outside of Copenhagen with his wife and three children.



- Combining my passion for both artwork and nature!

My mission is to combine both my artwork and my passion for a way more sustainable world starting with my dear relationship to trees!

This gives you an unique opportunity to enjoy high quality artprints whilst making a difference environmentaly as well.



A tree for every print sold

I do often actively take care of small trees by giving them an opportunity to grow big. That means that if I spot a small and very young tree growing in my own garden og in the nearby surroundings, I dig it up and replant it on the beautiful wild meadow outside our home. 
I also collect wild tree seedlings, dry them during the winter and plant them in small baskets in the spring, as well as growing cuttings to make more samples of selected tree species that I find particular in some way either.



Quality Assured

ArtworkByNicolai uses watercolor paper from the paper manufacturer Hahnemühle in Germany. It provides great color coverage and very lifelike colors. The inks are extremely environmentally friendly, as no oil-based inks are used but water-based ones.

The paper is environmentally approved, FSC-labeled watercolor paper in 100% cotton, which is very suitable for art prints.

The paper has a texture and absorbs the ink in an optimal way,

so the art is colorfast for up to 100 years.


“Wow! I´m so amazed by these prints. And I love the tree collaboration as well!"

Benjamin, Randers

“I love the Gorilla print, - and it´s just perfect in my daugthers room"

Laura, Copenhagen